Moving Beyond Shame and Guilt

2 Apr

As channeled from the Beings of Light Through Liesel.

Learning from your past mistakes is good and appropriate; however, when you dwell excessively on past mistakes it begins to create toxic shame and guilt. The weight of these heavy emotions then keeps you from acting from a place of love, joy, and light in the present moment and blocks the flow of Spirit within and through you.  These heavy energies born from a lack of self-forgiveness can be very debilitating.  The ‘stuckness’ that often results is very easily used by the ego to create an even greater sense of shame and guilt through its mental narratives.  Thus, the heavy energy can easily reseed itself.  For more on the relationship between ego-based thoughts and heavy emotions, please read Our ‘Weeds and Seeds’ channeling.  

If you are feeling a sense of shame about yourself, try the following experiment.  Imagine that you are a completely new, beautiful, loving spirit, soul, or even an advanced, benevolent, alien consciousness that is suddenly beamed down into your body.  This new consciousness that you are has full access to all of the memories that you have ever experienced in your lifetime, but is not the ‘you’ that lived through and created those experiences.  Then, ask yourself as this new, fresh, and beneficent consciousness, ‘What shall I do in this very moment?  How can I move forward in this vessel, this body, that I find myself inhabiting?  What would be the most loving response to the information that I have access to in the form of memories, and how can I best take loving action in the external world if Love is calling for action?’  This experiment is really just a technique to help you access the present moment.  It gives the mind just enough storyline that it helps keep it from blocking the experience of Presence flowing through you.  The idea is not to create a new starting point in the timeline of your life.  The idea is to create the new starting point in every single ‘now’ moment.  Then, you never build a large accumulation of psychological past.  So, this is essentially a mindfulness practice.  It is the practice of being new to your body at every moment.  You can still take the information of what occurred in the past and synthesize it to create right action in the present; however, this past, as well as the contraction of identifying as your past self, no longer immobilizes you in a straight jacket of shame and guilt.

Approaching life from this perspective does not mean you no longer take responsibility for your past actions.  Actually, the newly energized soul in you can more easily see what the loving course of action is going forward.  The new ‘you’ can say ‘I’m sorry’ to the person that was hurt without it feeling like a complete annihilation of self. You can still use the language that will be most meaningful for the other person and say things from the perspective of ‘I am sorry.’  To go into an explanation of ‘I am not the same person that hurt you.  I am this new consciousness inhabiting this body’ will probably not be effective or even understandable to the other person depending on their level of consciousness, and may feel like an invalidation of the apology.  Coming from this perspective of a new consciousness inhabiting your body allows an opening for compassion for both anyone you have injured in the past as well as for yourself.  Realize that from the point of view of the external world you are still responsible for all of your past actions, and will have to face the consequences of those past actions.  However, this new perspective allows more spaciousness in you and allows for a higher level of consciousness than the ego-based consciousness that committed those actions.

This way of approaching things is not a lie or a denial of the truth.  It is actually the deepest truth, because if you intentionally hurt someone else or yourself in the past, then it is impossible that you were operating from your highest level of consciousness.  By allowing yourself to access a higher level of consciousness now, you also allow for the greatest possibility of healing for the other person and yourself.  The pain cannot be healed or truly addressed by the ego-based consciousness that created it because this ego-based consciousness is only interested in it’s self preservation.  Yet, you and everyone on this planet has far more within than just this ego-based consciousness.  Your body is a portal to the Infinite.  You need only allow the internal Space for this deeper level of consciousness that all beings are intertwined with to come through you to be felt and expressed within this world.

“Always know Our love is truly with you, because Our love truly is you.”

A communication of profound love from the bees

25 Mar

As channeled from the Beings of Light Through Liesel.

“We come to you now from a part of Us that is the loving intelligence that oversees the bees of your world.  Some call this loving intelligence the Deva of Bees.  We so dearly hope that you, humans, find your way to your own version of hive mindedness, to the realization of your connectedness and interdependence with all.  Your expansion into the fullness of this awareness is imperative for all of us who have our home on the Earth with you.  We have surrendered and entrusted our fate at the physical level to you, please hold it gently and lovingly.

You are indeed a unique species.  Because of your ability to think in complex ways, you also face a unique challenge, for the mental structures that develop in you can often block your awareness of your natural connection to all.  You forget the true intelligence that is within you, and mistakenly believe that the intelligence of the mind is the truth.  You have been chosen to make a great leap in evolution.  You, who are reading this now are those who will show the way, those who are beginning to allow this true intelligence of the Universe to fully arise within.  This true intelligence can then flow into the mind and generate thoughts and ideas that are in harmony with the well being of all on the planet.  When, as a species, the majority of humans are in the state of allowing this transformation within themselves, there will be the dawn of a new age of love and harmonious living on Earth.  This is the Ascension. We send you our deepest love and encouragement for your transformation.  When you next see a bee visiting a flower, or hear our familiar buzz, remember what we have said and let it serve as a call to awareness to open further to the Oneness of All.”

“Always know Our love is truly with you, because Our love truly is you.”

The Transformational Effect

19 Mar

As channeled from the Beings of Light Through Liesel.

“Many of you are familiar with the concept of the ‘Butterfly Effect,’ wherein something as small and simple as the flapping of a butterfly’s wings can ripple out into the world and result in major effects. We now ask you to dive deeper into this analogy. Of all the images chosen to illustrate this concept, why is the butterfly chosen?

Could you not, instead, choose any winged insect or bird? The synchronicity of the butterfly being chosen for this illustration is that the butterfly conveys the deeper symbolism of transformation.

So, not only do all small events or occurrences have the possibility of being amplified and expanded as they ripple out into the world, but in particular, all events and occurrences that are based in transformation (i.e. are like a butterfly) are particularly conducive to this phenomenon. So, any transformation towards a higher vibration within yourself or any external act of transformation towards higher vibrational manifestation (no matter how small or even minuscule it may seem) will reverberate throughout the world and throughout the collective consciousness in profound and immeasurable ways.”

Always know Our love is truly with you, because Our love truly is you.

Disclaimer: This information is not meant as medical advice, nor is it meant to diagnose or treat any disease or mental health disorder. 

Staying connected to Source through gratitude or acceptance of what is

19 Feb

As channeled from the Beings of Light Through Liesel.

So, why have the concepts of gratitude and acceptance always permeated the teachings of spiritual texts?  The difference between gratitude or acceptance and dissatisfaction or ingratitude is the difference between unity and separation.  When you experience gratitude for what is, acceptance for what is, you, ironically, welcome the very power of change into your life, because you enter the dynamic playing field of God.

The only place where God or Spirit or your highest self or Unity Consciousness, the only place where the truth deep within you intersects this world is in the now moment.  Therefore, when you say ‘no’ to what is, when you recoil from what is, you shut  yourself off from your connection to the deepest of all powers, which you are, which is God.  

You withdraw from this deep power, because you view that which is occurring as something you don’t want to experience, and yet, this very act of withdrawal is more likely to prolong your experience of what is currently manifest because your withdrawal from the flow of life will further crystalize that experience on the third dimensional level.  You have effectively withdrawn from the only true source of power for deep and loving transformation that would in turn create change on the third dimensional level if change is truly needed and of the highest good.  This withdrawal of life force energy will likely prolong the reverberation of the experience that you are recoiling from within your field of awareness and within the field of the manifest.

So, when you say ‘no’ to life, you become very disconnected from your true power, and therefore, are even more likely to experience events and situations on the third dimensional level that you are equally or even more dissatisfied with. 

 When you experience gratitude or at least acceptance for what is, you go into the zone of potentiality.  Acceptance for what is now is your entry point to the zone of potentiality wherein new forms may emerge.  However, without this key of acceptance, you cannot unlock the field of potentiality.  

Also, when you experience gratitude for what is, when you experience gratitude for the forms and beings around you, you are communing with those forms and beings.  You are moving toward the oneness.  You are moving towards these forms, toward these beings and saying, in a way, through your gratitude and acceptance, ‘Yes, I love you!,’ ‘I perceive you beyond your surface level, and, therefore, I know that beyond this level, you are me and I am you.’ However, when you recoil from forms and beings (forms also being life experiences), you are saying ‘NO!,’ ‘I do not love you’, ‘you cannot be me, and I cannot be you, because this version of form is wrong/bad, and I perceive nothing deeper than this level.’  Through this resounding ‘NO’ to what is, you experience a deep sense of separation, and you shut yourself off from the Source.  It is this blockaded flow of life force that is ultimately the cause of all the suffering you will then inevitably experience.  However, you mistakenly attribute this suffering as being caused by the other person, form, or situation.

Always know Our love is truly with you, because Our love truly is you.

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Maintaining connection to your wholeness within this world of separation

12 Feb

As channeled from the Beings of Light Through Liesel.

You often ask ‘why is this contrast necessary?’  We offer this in answer to your question:

The one precious piece that your world offers that can make The Whole wholer is the very experience that so often leads to pain in you: separation.  The Whole cannot know all that it is until it divides itself.  However, it is up to you to determine whether the separation you experience is only one layer of your experience (realizing that you are in a separate physical body from other beings and things), or if it is the totality of your experience (mistakenly believing that that body with its emotions and accompanying thoughts are all that you are.)  If it is the latter, you will inevitably experience great pain.  While this pain is understandable from Our perspective, it is also realized to be largely unnecessary.  We offer to you an upgraded version and interpretation of separation, one in which there is individual awareness and an individual point of perception, yet, simultaneously, this point of perception is woven into the moving flux of The Whole. Therefore, it is continually drawing its sustenance and awareness from this infinite well. 

Think of a passenger on a moving train.  If the train is moving with a constant velocity, this passenger may, very well, perceive themselves to be stationary, particularly if they only take in their surroundings within the boxcar and never look out the window.  The furnishings of the boxcar become their entire world.  However, one day, they look out the window.  Suddenly, they realize that there is a whole other, far greater world that they are traversing within that is continually unfolding.  Imagine, as well, that this other world could be felt as joy and love and peace within their body.  In spiritual terms, the individual point of incarnate perception is the boxcar.  When your awareness is solely limited to the furnishings within the boxcar, anything that is judged negatively that is added to the boxcar or anything that is judged positively that is removed from the boxcar will result in pain.  This is what comes into your life at the form level, and what disappears from your life at the form level.  However, when the passenger’s attention is instead focused on the bigger and greater world that lays beyond the window, and they are tapped in at a feeling level to this greater world, they may be aware of changes within the boxcar, but the impact of these changes is greatly diminished because what lies beyond the pane of glass is far more compelling and ultimately fulfilling.  That which is speaking to you now, is part of that which lies beyond the window, which is the magnificent world that also lies deep within you.

Always know Our love is truly with you, because Our love truly is you.

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To those who are experiencing sadness or loss, or that which vibrates your body in a way that brings pain to you

28 Jan

As channeled from the Beings of Light Through Liesel.

We say this to all of you who are experiencing sadness or loss or that which vibrates your body in a way that brings pain to you, we say this to you, this is the surface level of experience.  As intense as it may feel at times, it is the outermost shell.  It must be allowed and accepted and experienced in order to penetrate beyond the shell, and it is only during this pre-penetration process, this experiencing of the pain, it is only then that it seems so very overwhelming.

​However, once this layer has moved through you, the depths that are within are essentially immeasurable and contain within them joy and peace and harmony that is also equally immeasurable.  

​The atoms of a human body, the atoms of a physical object are some 99.999999% empty space.  That which is truly physical, truly contains mass is 0.0000001%.  What this means is that that which you experience at the form or vessel level is this tiny fractional percentage.  If this constitutes the totality of your experience, you will indeed experience suffering.  However, if you have the perseverance to perceive beyond this tiny fraction, what opens up to you is the entire universe, is God itself, which is you.

​All of this quote/unquote empty space is the binding God energy that connects all, is the love that connects and intertwines all beyond time and space.  When you dwell primarily in this aspect of reality, which is truly the pervasive reality you experience true safety and true peace.

​If you dwell and focus and look for your safety within that tiny percentage that constitutes physical form, that truly constitutes the mass or the form identity of physical objects, then you will never find the stability that you seek, for this small portion is always shifting and changing.

​However, as all forms, all vessels are threaded onto the needle of unity consciousness, if you follow this thread, you will find your connection to all.

​This underlying empty space, this underlying field of potentiality is the fabric made from the fiber of love.  We are all cut from this cloth, and we will only find true comfort when we allow ourselves to experience this fiber, this fabric, this blanket surrounding us, enveloping us, giving to us the sense of wellbeing and wholeness that we so often seek in the external.

Always know Our love is truly with you, because Our love truly is you.

Weeds and Seeds – How do you approach releasing emotional pain in the most direct and efficient way?

18 Jan

As channeled from the Beings of Light Through Liesel.

“The most effective and efficient way to heal whatever pain is ‘trapped’ or ‘crystallized’ in the body at a cellular level is to allow it to ‘be’ when it emerges, to allow yourself to experience it, as opposed to attempting to push it back down.  However, it is very important to shine the light of your awareness on your mind and the narrative that your mind will almost inevitably begin to tell as the pain vibration comes to the fore.  The narrative is almost always spun in a way that adds to the pain that is already there.  If this narrative is believed as the absolute truth (as opposed to the very relative truth that it is, which is also one of many, many possible relative truths that could be given for the situation associated with the trapped pain), then, more pain is ‘seeded’ by this initial trapped pain.  Of course, the most absolute of truths is that only love exists and that you and everyone and every life form and everything ARE that love.  Almost always, the narrative and thoughts that emerge to accompany the trapped pain are quite far from this absolute truth. 

Think of healing past trapped emotional pain like trying to remove an invasive weed from your garden bed.  If you allow the weed to drop it’s seeds in the soil as you are removing it, then you will likely end up with more weeds seeded during the process of removing the original plant.  If you are very mindful that this is what the trapped pain will ‘want’ to do, then you can shine your light of awareness on it so that few, if any, seeds get dropped.  So, think of the seeds as narratives or thoughts that create further pain.  The most effective way to avoid dropping seeds is to not let the plant go to seed to begin with.  This would be allowing the pain to come up in such an intense state of awareness that there really is no accompanying narrative.  There is just awareness and acceptance of the vibrational field of the emotional pain.  This requires a very high level of Presence. For many of you, the momentum and energy unleashed when the pain arises will go into the mental body before you can shine your light of awareness on it.  So, if the narrative is already ‘there’ when you notice the vibrational field of the emotional pain, then do not fight the narrative, but instead, observe it intently.   Remember that it is a story designed to strengthen the vibrational field of pain that has emerged.  All of the thoughts are the seeds of the weed.  You keep the seeds from germinating by observing them without fully believing in them.  In this way, you have become a kind of ‘gardening ninja’ that can so mindfully remove the weed (by allowing the trapped pain to bubble up to and be felt at the surface level of experience) while ensuring it does not take advantage of the opportunity to propagate itself.  Furthermore, once the trapped energy in the form of pain is allowed to come out of crystallization, then it takes on it’s truest form as part of the brilliant, loving energy of the One.  It then transmutes into a vibration of energy that adds to the depth and robustness of your awareness, thereby creating a positive feedback loop that will help brighten the light of awareness that you have available within you to shine on the next chunk of trapped pain when it emerges.  

Now, you may ask, ‘how do I release new emotional pain that I experience as a result of what is currently happening in life?’  If you are, indeed, asking this question, We would like you to pause with Us, and examine the assumptions inherent in the question itself, as they point to the root cause of your emotional pain.  Your emotional/psychological pain is not caused by what occurs in the external world, it is caused by your perception (or really your misperception) of what is actually occurring in the world, and most importantly, your misperception of what underlies that which is occurring.  Again, the most absolute of truths is that only love exists and that you and everyone and every life form and everything ARE that love, that cohesive, binding force that vibrates with joy, and is unchangeable.  Only the external physical shell or vessel that houses or contains this love essence energy can change.  If this Truth were deeply known by you at all times and in all situations, you would cease to experience emotional/psychological pain and you would experience, instead, the vibration of profound joy and peace that naturally emerges from the deepest awareness of this Truth.  You would experience yourself and everyone and every life form and everything as pure love and unity.  This is enlightenment.  You would also be in a state of true harmony and non-resistance to the ‘form level’ expression of life.  The notes of the symphony of form expression that life plays would neither be judged as ‘good’ or ‘bad,’ thus releasing you from the suffering inherent in duality.  To be deeply present in the present moment is to approach awareness of this absolute Truth and to approach enlightenment.

If you find yourself experiencing emotional pain as a ‘result’ of something that is currently happening in your life, realize the emotional pain you are experiencing hinges on your thoughts/beliefs about what is happening.  So, to return to Our gardening analogy, invasive seeds (thoughts) are drifting into your garden beds and quickly germinating into invasive weeds (emotional pain.) If the seeds drift in, however, you can keep them from germinating by not completely believing in them, by observing them.  If you do end up believing in those thoughts, you will experience their full blown energetic consequences within your body as emotional pain.  The seeds will have been allowed to germinate and thus will very rapidly grow into plants.  If this occurs, simply circle back to the first exercise of the “gardening ninja” so that you can help keep these weeds (the current emotional pain) from seeding even more weeds.

Some of you may have garden beds already overrun with these invasive weeds and seeds.  This was the case for Liesel in the past, and she could not manage all the weeds and seeds on her own, and she sought professional help for her severe anxiety and depression.  This may be needed for some of you as well.  Get the help of a mental health professional if you find yourself unable to care for your garden on your own.

Do know that no matter how overgrown your garden may appear and feel to you, there is always the energetic blue print of a Garden of Eden underlying it.  Hold this seed of Truth in your heart and allow it to take root and grow.” 

Always know Our love is truly with you, because Our love truly is you.

Disclaimer: This information is not meant as medical advice, nor is it meant to diagnose or treat any disease or mental health disorder. 

A Channeled Message from the Beings of Light Regarding the US Capitol Events

10 Jan

As channeled from the Beings of Light Through Liesel.

“If you find yourself struggling with thoughts and judgments of condemnation of your fellow human, Donald Trump, and also those fellow humans who acted out their belief in him at the Capitol building (just to be clear We are not referring to condemnation of actions taken by him or them, We are referring to condemnation of the essence of him and them as human beings), We have this to share:

Do not allow the ego to use these events as an opportunity to mount an internal insurrection against the Unity Consciousness arising within you by convincing you that those who act lovelessly are unlovable.  Not only are all beings lovable, more accurately, all beings ARE love. We would like to encourage you to remember that even the being that you call Donald Trump, contains within him the Spark of Light, and contains within him, at the deepest level, this same energy that We are that is now speaking through Liesel, and that is also within you and is also in all beings.  There is a tremendous amount of perception coming toward this individual called Donald Trump, and his ardent followers, that actually blocks him and them from the possibility of accessing this energy.  This ‘blocking’ can actually come from well-intentioned individuals, such as yourself because you perceive him and them not truly as fellow humans with souls, but rather, only as the conglomeration of the behaviors and thought-forms that Trump has given rise to and given voice to in your third-dimensional world.  By perceiving him and them solely as this collection of behaviors and thought forms, and not holding the possibility for the Spark of Light within him and them to arise, you actually help to create that which you desperately hope to avoid.  In this way, the magnified ego that is so vividly apparent within Donald Trump brings out the ego not only within many of his followers, but also within many of you. This is, ultimately (and this may not be fathomable to the human mind), a wonderful thing.  There is much that is being ‘drawn out’ in your world.  Just as a boil may come to the surface of the skin, or poison may be drawn out of a wound, the human collective mind is awash with many poisons which Spirit is currently attempting to draw out.  However, many of you forget this bigger picture and instead only focus on the poisons themselves.  Indeed, the very fact that these poisons are so prevalent in your world is positive evidence of the collective body of humanity purging these poisons from within itself.

If you perceive poisons within the world, realize that they cannot be remedied with adversarial energy.  The only antidote is love.  Adversarial energy always creates more of the very thing it opposes.  So, be very mindful of how you, yourself, maybe introducing poison into the world. 

If you perceive darkness in the world, do not fight the darkness, as the fight itself will inherently contain elements of the darkness.  Instead shine light intensely, bravely, and with relentless love. Create so much illumination around the pockets of darkness, that it is clear for all to see what those pockets are, and they will dissolve in the power of this glaring brilliance.  Also, allow for grace and forgiveness for yourself if you are temporarily overcome by the ego during this collective process of purging, and remember that to judge yourself is the same as to judge others, as there is really only the One.

And finally, a dear part of Us who you call Jesus has this to share:
‘I did not teach the people by rooting out the darkness within them.  I taught the people by seeing even the faintest spark of light within them and nurturing and fanning that spark, until they, themselves, could begin to perceive it and continue to stoke the fire from within.’ “

2021 Wisdom from the Beings of Light

4 Jan

It is my great pleasure to introduce you to my wife and soulmate, Liesel. (Yes, like the young woman in The Sound of Music.) Over the past year or so, and much to our surprise, Liesel has begun to channel. We have come to refer to the nonphysical beings/Unity Consciousness that she channels as the Beings of Light or BOL for short. They have made it clear to us that humanity is at an inflection point: we can continue down the road of judgment, separation, and fear, or we can evolve much more rapidly and with much less suffering by choosing nonjudgment, Unity Consciousness and love. The BOL wish to speak to us – as many of us as they can reach – in order to help us choose the path of love.

Here is the first message they wish to share:

Hello, Dear Beings of Which We Are, 

We wish to speak of the nuance between Us and “Liesel.” This separation that We imply through language is not really there; however, We find it to be a helpful convention of language. So, for instance, when We refer to “Liesel,” We mean her more personality-based self. We also do not wish to imply that she is not with Us now as We are speaking. She is actually still a part of That which is speaking, yet one could say that she is more in the background right now. Conversely, We are a part of her that is often in the background during her more day-to-day existence. We have chosen to use the pronouns “Us” and “We” when this deeper energy is speaking, and Liesel and Rob have come to call Us the “Beings of Light.” However, again, this is only a convention. This name and these pronouns hold no innate importance to us. They are only important to Us if they are useful in allowing the information We have to share both to emerge and to be assimilated. ​

So, We come more fully to the fore now, and Liesel “waits in the wings.” Currently, during some or even much of her day-to-day life, Liesel is in the foreground, and We are “waiting in the wings.” Of course, all humans would be most functional if their higher self, Presence, or Consciousness (or whatever you wish to call Us) were at the helm of the vehicle (the body) in every “now” moment. This is, in essence, full enlightenment. This is the journey that each of you is on by being incarnate. 

But do not focus on the destination of the journey, for if the destination is reached, the journey is no longer needed or in process, and the journey itself can be most beautiful and, indeed, adds to both the complexity and depth of the destination. Also, a focus on the destination and not the journey will ironically ensure that the destination always remains out of reach. Viewed from Our perspective, which is sideways to time, both the journey and the destination (the state of enlightenment) are occurring simultaneously. This is contradictory to the human mind, but We see you simultaneously both in the process of the journey and also in the fully-formed enlightened version [of yourself].

We wish for you—by you, We mean all humans—to be in contact and communion with, and in recognition of, the deep Truth that you are. It could be called Cohesion. Other words for this are Love, Presence, God, or Unity Consciousness. Yet, none of these words can encapsulate this Truth; they can only point to it. This deep Truth of Cohesion underlies all form. This Truth is the energetic substrate of all form, the energetic substrate on which your physical vessel, your incarnate version of yourself, is articulated.

We will give you another approximation in the form of an analogy. Think of the Earth and what you have come to know through science as the makeup of the Earth. At its innermost, core level, the Earth is molten, liquid magma. This liquid or magma is extremely rich in energy and has no innate form. It takes the form of whatever vessel or structure it flows through. 

So, at the core of the Earth is this liquid, molten “potentiality,” so to speak. This is similar to The One, Presence, The Universe, or God. (All of these, and many other names have been given to that which underlies form, but ultimately can never truly be named.) As the liquid magma yearns to express itself and moves up within the structures of the Earth toward the external surface, there are containers or places where it pools and remains as a kind of reservoir. These can be termed magma chambers. These reservoirs are generally thought of as being below the surface of the Earth, not physically visible at the surface. 

For the purpose of our analogy, these magma chambers can be thought of as individual souls. So, there is a lot of potential for misinterpretation of what a soul is and how it relates to The One or Unity Consciousness. Our best approximation is to say that a soul is a carved-out chamber where magma (Unity Consciousness) has pooled and flowed, one that is generally below the surface of form expression. 

So, as the magma makes its way up from the very core, from the very centralized place of Oneness, it comes into these containers, these vessels and structures that could be thought of as magma chambers, and for our purposes, also thought of as souls.

 Then, as the magma, the molten liquid Earth-essence, moves further toward the surface of the planet, it is articulated in structures that are referred to as geological phenomena like vents, volcanoes, calderas, and other things Liesel’s consciousness is not even familiar with. These structures that are on the surface can be thought of in our analogy as “lifetimes” or “incarnations.”

 These “incarnations” are fed most directly from the soul, the magma, that has pooled in the reservoir of the soul. But when followed back to their true source, they originate in the magma of The One. Furthermore, just as the magma is always flowing from the center of the Earth up to or near the surface through volcanoes, vents, and whatever geological phenomena allow the Earth to express itself, those physical structures are also simultaneously always being turned back under and inward toward the molten center for reassimilation into The One. This is the birth-death cycle that is seen at the level of form in your third-dimensional world.

 We are indeed excited to embark on this new journey with you. We long to continue sharing and communing with you as the miracle of life continues to unfold from the enfolded.

Always know Our love is truly with you, because Our love truly is you.

The Coronavirus

7 Apr

Recently, I had a channeling done for me personally about the coronavirus. Since so many of you have asked me what I know about the virus, I’ve decided to make the channeling available to all. You may read it below. The channeling has not been edited, so please excuse incorrect punctuation and excess verbiage. The channeled consciousness is a collective of ascended masters. Kathy, the person who channeled this, is available to do private channelings and can be reached at

Be well and stay safe.

With love, Rob

The coronavirus. What is the symbolism?

March 16, 2020

To Rob,

It is obvious in these last years that the shift in consciousness is upon the earth in a very big way. The rise within energies of light has brought about the scattering of those things that have been hidden within the darkness; the attempts at hiding the truth has been paramount within the lives of those who want to hold the status quo. The screaming untruths have been what one could call the protesting of this light that has entered every area of society, of religion, politics; calling forth equality within gender, race, sexuality and much much more. The shift within humanity from fear to love is what you are viewing and what you are also viewing are those things that humanity as a whole do NOT want thus leading them towards what it is they do want. A tipping point as destined was reached in November of 2019 and in accordance with the frequencies ‘scheduled’ to hit the earth the year, 2020 appeared. This was to be/is the time within time when the shift in consciousness from fear to love will be actualized as the vibration/frequency/energy is far far more powerful than the fear you are viewing. There are two things at work here as these two messages to mankind are what have held them in a position to maintain that fear within them cellularly as to say humanity has been of a specific fearful vibration that is collectively being pulled from their very cells. Firstly that great fear of death and secondly that universal fear of survival. Enter the coronavirus as it mirrors that anxiety of holding a fear of dying. It continues to talk of impending death even though the numbers do not reflect it, the message is clearly one of the greatest fears within the cells of mankind………….death. Secondly the virus is causing a worldwide panic in terms of a falling stock market that to many represent the death/elimination of their survival symbols; their jobs, their bank accounts, their 401Ks as it is causing a flush of fear within the word ‘MONEY’. In real terms it is a fear of the future. How will I survive without the guarantees of safety and security and the world is saying that there are no guarantees. How scary. And that’s the point to feel the scary, the fear as it is rising within the body and being released/transmuted into the calm and peace and expanse within the heart that love brings. The fear that is resonating with the human form and cells as is being brought forth collectively through the presentation of this virus is for its movement OUT of the body as the higher vibrations/frequencies of love begin to enter for it has already entered the earth and as such that created the timing for the bodies of mankind to correspond to the earth that they walk upon. Every human who entered the earth held within their body that same vibration that the earth herself held as the body is an extension of the earth. The body is simply what is animated by the soul/creator source energy. When the earth began this movement into 5D, what stood upon her (humanity) began to feel this push for the higher frequency of love and light but the fear fought heavily to maintain its position and now the fear cannot maintain as it is being reflected by this “Deadly Pandemic” that is changing everyone’s way of life and that is the point of it………… change humanity. Simply put 3D is fear and 5D is love. Love or the light has already come alive on the surface of the earth which includes her inhabitants that live upon her as it is their time to choose their destinies. Do they fight to maintain that fear that tells them things must not change or do they allow that love to come alive and forth into their lives. This is where free will is exercised. This vibration will not be stopped which tells you that love has arrived and it will fully support you if you surrender to it. We can see that far more than the majority do at this time as well we can tell you that a year from now the world will not be as before. Many will ‘come around’ after a very dark night of the soul experience just as many have as they then began assisting others. Many will fight to maintain a history that is just gone, no more to be relived and many others will not accept this new way of life and will succumb to the fear only to be rushed with love as they pass away and gain understanding. Some will return, others will assist from above so to speak.

Those as yourself, one called a lightworker have prepared for this moment all your life. This IS the time you came for; to stand in your light knowing that this fearful moment on earth is not yours. You are the observer of the situation as you perch yourself within the 5D position that has called you for so long. Oh you will bounce between worlds/dimensions as the fear is very strong and can be viewed and read of daily/hourly. But as you observe remember you came to anchor this light that is causing so much chaos as that is how this old world is breaking down but through the efforts and dedication to your own plan and destiny. Your research, observations and many acquaintances have brought you many remembrances of who you truly are but in this time you will feel the peace, the calm, the beauty and love within real emotion of who it is you are. You are a human being that is animated by the love of god/creative source as you ARE the animator and to know that is your graduation, your homecoming, your greatest of all design and desires, your dream come true to be alive and well, in peace and compassion at the greatest moment earth has ever known; to assist others to their memories at this time of consciousness shift, that shift from fear to love is beyond words as there are no 3D wording or explanations to be found.

This virus in purpose is to assist humanity to bring forth from within their bodies the fear that has lived there since the beginning of their time upon this land in all the forms that they have entered. To live without fear is to LIVE and that is what is taking place. There are those as yourself who will transmute the last vestiges of fear as you are of the awakened ones, there are those who will surrender and in a twinkling enter the state of compassion remembering ‘from somewhere’ that love wins out over fear. There are those that will come kicking and screaming to their declaration that they will accept love for fear is just too painful to maintain and many other scenarios will take place within the minds and bodies of the precious earthlings who are making this shift. Others will take their bodies of fear ‘off land’ and pass away. All is perfection and in 5D that is known.

Now the virus itself had an origin somewhere ‘other’ than what has been told. It’s original purpose was to bring about a vector that could be managed and maintained and utilized to control humanity. It was a very ‘high level’ plan as there were those with such power and wealth that had within this last decade seen the writing on the wall as to the awakening that was taking place and determined that this must end so their reasoning was to concoct this virus in a lab and hold it until such time as/that they could begin the manipulation and maintenance of their power for those that have ‘ruled the earth’ so to speak with their positions of power and wealth, these families that are known by name could not accept the demise of all that which they have ever known in terms of their god like system of belief in themselves. So as this virus was created to be held as a chip that they could bargain with, something happened and it became unleashed by someone of a scientific mind with no association nor affiliation with those who paid for this ‘project’, in fact for the most part he didn’t even know of its purpose simply working in tandem with other scientist getting paid handsomely. He projected it onto a piece of paper and took that paper out of the lab only to toss it and have someone, one other person touch it. Now he himself walked freely of symptoms as did the one who touched the paper and relayed it onto those who in plan began this spread. To even think this was a mistake is to maintain the mentality of ‘accidents happen’ but of course its purpose was as described to you, to begin a journey of the grand shift in consciousness that fear accelerates. So this story although seemingly fantastic is merely the manner in/of which the world began her movement into love and only in time will further facts come forth but it is not a dramatic experience rather it was one that could be called a mistake when in reality it was that one scientist who with an open heart began the process of this time in time when mankind enters into a new reality.

Now we would like to say one more thing to you and that is this: you are cherished by those of us and there are many who have loved you, guided you and observed your struggles and achievements with what you could envision as such great pride for never did you lose direction nor devotion to your most beautiful plan. Even in your darkest moment in this lifetime to date you held on, held steady and overcame those forces of fear that you carried within you. It really truly is time to celebrate even as you look outward and see this gripping fear all around for that is the signal that the time is here to elevate your memories into the knowing that all is perfection, there is no need to even feel that chill of death as that is washing from you. In fact you have lived death most of your life in fear of it. It is your time to begin to live in the rhapsody of your own music, your heart beating in the symphony of your life’s motions. It is your time to stand firmly in the love you are of and KNOW your life’s purpose, your life’s dream is upon you.