Ukraine, Putin, and Earth’s timeline

20 Jun

Dear Friends,

A reader writes the following:

Rob and Kathleen…can you speak to the two possible timelines we are on? One being, Putin is trying to take over other countries. And the other being he is clearing out the tunnels to set the children free, while also destroying the bio labs. I would love to hear your comments. Though I believe that whichever we believe will be what we experience. It is confusing for us to hear different plots between channelings. Thank you!!  

Kathleen channels a collective of ascended masters who respond with these words:

“We speak of this scenario as one that holds possibility as does everything in one’s belief system, and by that we mean that if something can be ‘thought,’ it can then hold possibility. We also speak of timelines and what they mean/are. For instance, in a timeline of recent, something took place that moved humanity (almost all) from one place/timeline/reality to another. It was the consciousness that began to move in a direction away from darkness we will call it that denied a timeline of humanity’s ending this chapter through a war that would be the last war. This ending was foretold by many, both religious and seers. The Armageddon it was called. We were not to see the year 2000 as the world would move along the same ‘track’ of time, where separation was its banner and war was its game. Warring on earth has taken place since the beginning of this current timeline that began millennia ago. Tribes either merged or warred, and that has not stopped even onto this day. Land was far more important than human life as you are witnessing within this war in Ukraine.  

There was a timeline that did not change course and held fast to the darkness and greed and the actual thrill of the idea of using upon people and the earth a series of bombs that devastated the land. This timeline went forth in the 1990’s and was allowed to play out, but it was quickly eradicated and cleansed of all harm and danger. Mankind was allowed to a certain place and point to look into a time that they could choose to follow its line or move into another timeline, where the surety of shifting into a higher dimension was. The ‘new’ timeline began to form in 1987 as the collective consciousness (although completely unconscious to this decision) decreed that war would not be the finale for the planet; history/time would not repeat itself. Much has changed since that year, and although we assure you that this new and beautiful world is currently being created, we understand your skepticism as you watch a world of division falling apart. That is in our view the assurance that all is well. All things MUST be brought forth and viewed in its historical state of separation, warring, greed, injustice, inequality, hatred, etc; and all those energies of fear must be transmuted for the earth’s entrance into the higher frequency. We assure you that this timeline you walk within is clearing the path for an earth of great beauty and peace, equality and abundance for all. So, it is this timeline that we speak of that is of our only focus as well our great joy and privilege to assist within. Upon this timeline there are no stories of Putin freeing children; he is, in fact, doing the opposite. He is not upon this timeline attempting to do anything we see as benevolent to make the world and her inhabitants live a better life. We say this as we also say that he holds a great purpose in this moment of consciousness shift. He is a presenter to many millions, and what he presents allows those who view their own thoughts and energies and alignments. He presents something that is allowing those millions who watch a response as to what it is they want in this world. It allows them to mourn and blast compassion upon the situation, which in turn lifts the consciousness even in the midst of those atrocities that he perpetrates.  

We choose not to mention/speak of any other timelines that are fading into oblivion as the one that is of the most prominent is thriving, regardless of appearances. We also would never deny any other information giver their own freedom of expression or knowledge on this subject. What we would say to you is that in gathering all information use discernment as you view it, including these words. Discernment is a ‘fast track,’ you could say, to your own voice. Measure all things against how it makes you feel. You are not obligated to align with all those things you are hearing in your quest to awaken for you are truly awakening to YOURSELF, and to hear yourself either agree or disagree with the myriad of information that is out there is to congratulate yourself for simply listening.

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Ukraine Channeling

7 Mar

Below is a channeling about Ukraine. The channeled consciousness is a collective of ascended masters. Kathy, the person who channeled this, is available to do private channelings and can be reached at, or visit

Peace, Rob

March 7, 2022  

Ukraine War

There is not only great purpose in this war, but also it becomes a tipping point for the whole of humanity as you are watching something that was destined to bring forth and about the ending to war. There has never been a response of such compassion upon the earth ever, coming from every corner of the globe. You are witnessing the shift itself from 3D to 5D.  You see the energies of the warmonger; the epitome of 3D/fear reigning down his terror upon the people of Ukraine. His surprise or rather shock to the resistance that came forth brings him to the place of confusion, anger, and of course fear. He represents the fear that has been upon the planet for eons of time. He stands in the position of one who is losing in terms of the plans he holds for taking over all of Europe. Now, this may sound unreal to think one man holds this desire in this day and age, but he is that symbol of 3D/fear staging himself as that one of great power over others, when in truth he is collapsing, just as the old world of fear is.  The set-up was perfect in its timing as the finality of this time on earth, where fear has been holding the power upon the planet, is playing itself out. You might think that fear doesn’t look like its power is dying considering what is taking place in Ukraine, but this is the final vestige of that energy being viewed by the eyes of the world. The many lives lost on both sides seem to uphold the idea of fear maintaining power, but we see these souls as great warriors for the cause of this shift into love.  

Did humanity plan before birth to experience this war, and if so, why?  

In particular, did the people of Ukraine plan before they were born to experience this war, and if so, why?  

The planning to shift consciousness in this time on earth was ‘scheduled’ but not absolute.  It depended, of course, on many things, most certainly if the intention and energy of earth’s inhabitants would uphold this plan. During the last world war when weapons were created that could destroy the earth, there was an intervention so to speak onto the planet and a plan set in motion to raise the consciousness of the earth so that the very thought of this kind of action would be absolutely unacceptable. It was deemed so serious that for the first time those councils of light beings who hold great love for the planet and those upon it, and who are overseers of the earth, declared that these weapons would never again be used. They have already used this declaration and stopped their use; as well they have stepped in when there were accidents and will do so again if necessary. Along with that plan, there was a call to many souls who have assisted in other places and times to come aboard the ship of earth and begin individually and collectively to raise the vibration of the planet by raising their own consciousness, which would assure that the planet would never be assaulted again in such a manner, for within the consciousness of 5D/love there wouldn’t even be an interest in weapons; it is so counter to the world of love.  

Those who ‘signed up’ for the mission to come to the earth, and in accordance with the plan and their individual soul’s plan, began this great shift into 5D. They came in droves right after the war and are still coming. There were (are) many millions who hold the stamp of ‘light worker’, who had nothing but excitement for their mission; after all, when you are in spirit, you don’t hold any fear of anything.  

It was difficult for many of these workers of light when they got to the earth since they arrived in total amnesia to themselves as well as their planning. Their intention was to bring forth the fear within their own bodies, some from lifetimes ago, raise it into awareness, and work to release it. And each time fear is released from the body, it is released from the earth itself. So, for the last 75 years or so, many of the earth’s inhabitants have been working to cleanse themselves of a vibration called fear, and of course, fear comes in many definitions that have been rising into awareness, both individually and collectively. It comes as anger, cruelty, hatred, misogyny, warring, competition, disrespect, betrayal, abandonment, and more. And as these energies have been coming forth for the soul’s growth in transmuting them, the world began to experience more fear, as it was exploding all around in its releasing, which seems as the opposite, but one cannot alleviate their demons, their fears, until they bring them into conscious awareness and then feel the resolve.  

As it became closer to this shift taking place, the ‘war between light and dark/fear and love’ heated up and is now on fire. We will say with surety that love has already won regardless of what it is you are viewing in the outer world of this war, or politics, or religions, or corporate greed, etc… It is a done deal, and now it simply plays out.  

Humanity did plan for war. It wasn’t set in stone where, but it became apparent that this one Putin was the perfect one to take the lead. It was declared that there would be an event that would gain the attention of the world and allow humanity to make their collective statement that we will no longer tolerate the vibration of fear within warring. We will no longer live in suppression. Each soul who gives their life for this cause/plan was absolutely aware of this possibility and was as if proud to make the sacrifice, but really when one leaves their body, sacrifice doesn’t enter into it as they are going home. No need to feel sorry for one who leaves a cold physical land to enter paradise, where fear can’t touch them. They will return to enjoy the fruits of their own labor.  

This world event where all can see the terrifying atrocities taking place allows them to raise further their vibration into love, as they are feeling such compassion for those who are playing out their own roles even onto death. If we could convince you of one thing, it would be that death is nothing to fear; it is a homecoming unlike anything you can imagine. Those who signed up for this and who have passed are within the hands of their own beloved spirit and are assisting the world from the other side by showering  love onto the area.

How should humanity respond to this war?  

With great compassion, for that energy is more powerful than those tanks you are viewing. Each individual has their own way of responding to this war, but this is giving all a chance to NOT respond in fear, but rather in an attitude of love towards those who suffer their own planned fate. To project the energy of love onto something can do more to create a benevolent outcome than any other response.  

This one who has provoked this war for what appears as no other reason than to further his ego has in a sense given the world a great opportunity to respond in a manner of declaring the unacceptability of living in a world where fear dictates, where fear holds the greater power on the planet.  What we are viewing is a world that is moving from fear to love, as fear is wreaking havoc on its way out and off the planet. We see an army of light claiming victory. We see love prevailing. It will be a hard-fought battle, but know that those beautiful souls who willingly joined the fight did so to present to humanity the opportunity for all to blast this area with that energy/vibration of love, compassion, and heartfelt concern for the suffering of others.  As each individual brings that vibration of peace into their own life, they certainly assist the earth. It is an energy that is magnifying daily, even as you are viewing what may seem the opposite within this war. If you cannot be upon the battlefield or helping physically, projecting peace and love can be the greatest response humanity can give. It will assist in opening the eyes and hearts of those who are tired of the wars, tired of the fear, and just want to live in peace.  

Expanding the Glass

8 Sep

As channeled from the Beings of Light Through Liesel.

“We would like to illustrate human suffering from life situations with an analogy. Imagine a lemon. Cut the lemon in half. Now, imagine squeezing all of the juice from both halves of the lemon into an empty glass. Take a sip from this glass. The taste is, of course, very sour, and not at all easily drinkable. Now, imagine that you actually are the glass containing the lemon juice. What is inside the glass is what is in your awareness. So, in this case, you are aware and focused on what you perceive to be the cause of your suffering (i.e. illness, physical pain, unhappy life circumstances, etc.) This perceived cause of the suffering is the lemon juice. Now, there are really two types of lemon juice in your glass, even though you think it is all the same lemon juice. So, before the juice was squeezed into the glass, think of the two halves of lemon that it was squeezed from. The first half of the lemon is the inherent pain or discomfort associated with the situation. For instance, if the situation is an illness that involves chronic physical pain, the physical pain is this half of the lemon. The other half of the lemon consists of the mental narratives you tell yourself about the situation. Often, this second half of the lemon is actually far more sour than the first half.

The myriad of stories that the ego-mind can create about the situation often induce far more suffering than the inherent pain and discomfort of the situation. Stories like ‘It is completely unfair that this has happened to me and it is ruining my life.’ This is self-induced psychological suffering. This is mentally created suffering that is piled on top of the inherent pain or discomfort that accompanies the situation. It is actually optional whether you squeeze this half of the lemon into your glass because even if the mind has already gone down the suffering-inducing-storytelling-rabbit-hole, and is spinning some tale of woe, you can choose not to believe it. You can choose to be the witness of your thoughts, and not assume that they are true simply because they exist. This is a profound practice, and has a dual benefit. Firstly, it keeps the second half of the lemon from being squeezed into your glass. Secondly, it actually allows the glass (your awareness) to expand. As you, the glass, expand, the extra space is immediately filled with fresh, pure water. This water is Source energy, your higher self. Therefore, the second benefit is that the lemon juice from the first half of the lemon has been diluted by the pure water, thereby, making it taste less sour. In other words, by expanding your awareness to realize that you are the witness of your thoughts, you also expand your ability to be the witness of the inherent pain or discomfort vibration. In addition, you can also continue to expand your glass (which will automatically cause more water from Source to fill it) by actively cultivating your connection to your higher self (the love that you are) through meditation, prayer, and present moment awareness or mindfulness. Through these practices, your glass can become so large and so filled with crystal clear water that the juice from the first half of the lemon becomes very dilute, and, therefore, only has a faint note of tartness. This is how you transcend any external life circumstances, by cultivating your internal life, and making it of highest priority.”

“Always know Our love is truly with you, because Our love truly is you.”

Disclaimer: This information is not meant as medical advice, nor is it meant to diagnose or treat any disease or mental health disorder.

The Dojo and the Dance Floor

15 Aug

As channeled from the Beings of Light through Liesel.

Think of the third-dimensional plane as a kind of dojo.  You are meeting life in the form of your life situation within this dojo.  Are you enemies with your life?  Do you meet life in a rigid, unyielding stance, rejecting what already is?  The next thing you know, do you find yourself flat on your back, trying to catch your breath?  Or do you accept what already is as it arises in life and work with and incorporate its momentum to partner with life and shift into a new position in which you flourish?

It is not about winning or dominating, it is about engaging in the dance of energy and becoming attuned to where momentum is already flowing and channeling that momentum in positive and beneficial ways.  Indeed, you can also think of life as a dance floor where you dance a duet with life itself.  The more you allow life to lead, the more graceful the dance.  When, as the ego, you try to lead, chaos and clumsiness ensue.  Only Spirit knows the true choreography.  Surrendering to the dance as it flows to you and through you, and following the momentum of energy to its desired expression, this is how to live life in the present, and how you ultimately bridge the gap from the life you have lived until now and your soul’s highest incarnate destiny.

“Always know Our love is truly with you, because Our love truly is you.”

Disclaimer: This information is not meant as medical advice, nor is it meant to diagnose or treat any disease or mental health disorder.

Rebirth While Incarnate

28 Jul

As channeled from the Beings of Light through Liesel.

“Often when there is a serious illness or a near-death experience, it can cause a kind of rebirth, a new lifetime within the current incarnation. This often happens because the event triggers a disassociation with the mental/emotional structures that the person has accumulated throughout their lifetime, and a reassociation and a realignment with the soul and true essence of love and light that the soul is.

 Once the animating energy is removed from the mental/emotional structures, they collapse or weaken significantly, and therefore the same life lessons that would be necessary to bring awareness to the mental/emotional structures that are at the wheel of your life, are no longer needed.  There is the opportunity for Spirit to continue its evolution and undertake new lessons, without the need to first dissolve the current physical form.  While the potential peril or actual peril of the physical body often catalyzes these quantum leaps of consciousness, the possibility of the shedding of the physical body is not necessary for these leaps to occur.  What is necessary (that the prospect of death tends to elicit) is a surrender of control, and a willingness to perceive beyond the mental/emotional structures, a willingness to drop the very familiar (and therefore comfortable) association with those structures as being you, and a willingness to not cling to them tenaciously.  When this willingness is there, it creates a space, an opening, which Spirit immediately fills with its formless essence, with the energy that is ultimately you at your deepest level, with the energy that is also simultaneously All.  To most personalities, this is generally a terrifying prospect as it closely resembles death.  It is actually a homecoming for the (temporarily) disconnected energy that has been allowed to run unsupervised through the mental/emotional patterning accumulated during a lifetime, for it is now absorbed back into the soul and Unity Consciousness, and subsequently, there is a reanimating of the body with the energy of the soul and Unity Consciousness that then can flow unobstructed from the heart into the mind and use the mind (as it was intended to be used) as an instrument for the purpose of expanding the vibration of love in the world.  This is very different than before when the mind and emotional patterning was essentially using the body to carry out actions based on a fragmented, disconnected, and trapped energy bouncing around within those mental and emotional structures, that had convinced you that it was you.  The challenge is to retain this connection as you move forward in time, and to not allow a new identity to form that is based on newly collected thoughts and emotions, and to keep hitting the refresh button to Source.” 

“Always know Our love is truly with you, because Our love truly is you.”

Disclaimer: This information is not meant as medical advice, nor is it meant to diagnose or treat any disease or mental health disorder.

Energy Informs Form

19 Jul

As channeled from the Beings of Light through Liesel.

“Remember that when you focus on changing external conditions without first addressing internal conditions, you always ultimately create an external condition that is actually another iteration of the first external condition.  For illustrative purposes, think of cutting a serpent from the hydra’s head, a serpent always grows back in the first serpent’s place because the energy of the hydra is still the same.  Yet, if the vibration of the hydra is elevated, then something beautiful like a flower would grow where the serpent once was.  The hydra that grows serpents is the ego-based self, the hydra that grows flowers is the Spirit-based self.

Think of energy as the DNA of form.  Like DNA, energy always precedes and informs form.  Energy carries the blueprint for manifestation.  When you raise your vibration, you upgrade the blueprint, and ultimately the physical third-dimensional structures that will naturally flow from this blueprint.  Actually, to say that you raise your vibration is somewhat inaccurate, particularly if you are currently identifying with your ego or personality-based self.  It is an act of allowing rather than an act of effort.  There are things that you can do to help the process, even while identifying partially or even primarily as the small self (meditation, prayer, spiritual programs, etc.), but ultimately, the real quantum leap occurs through internal surrender and allowing that which is far greater than you, yet is more truly you than the small self could ever be, to emerge.  Therefore, it is perhaps more accurate to say that you allow your vibration to be lifted to its intended state and that this occurs naturally through internal surrender to the deepest part of you that is simultaneously the deepest part of all beings.”

“Always know Our love is truly with you, because Our love truly is you.”

Disclaimer: This information is not meant as medical advice, nor is it meant to diagnose or treat any disease or mental health disorder.

Making contact with those that have transitioned

16 May

The following is shared to help make contact with transitioned loved ones whose energy is now significantly different than it was while they were in body. – Liesel

As channeled from the Beings of Light Through Liesel.

“If your loved one has expanded in their vibration significantly since their incarnation, and now emits a very different energy than the energy they emitted while living, it may be difficult to “recognize” their energy signature.  Be open to a change or an upgrade in the “feeling energy” of your loved one.  This may make it easier for them to establish contact with you.”

“Always know Our love is truly with you, because Our love truly is you.”

Disclaimer: This information is not meant as medical advice, nor is it meant to diagnose or treat any disease or mental health disorder.

Excerpt from Your Soul’s Love

16 May


YEARS AGO WHEN I WAS forty, my life was profoundly unfulfilling. I found the corporate work I was doing to be bland and devoid of any deeper meaning. Although I longed for a romantic relationship, I was unable to manifest one. I was drifting through life seemingly rudderless, going through the motions, each new day as empty and uninspiring as the previous. I wondered why I was here on Earth. I had no idea of either the answer to that
question or how to find it. At times I wished I could go Home.

In my search for meaning, I had my first session ever with a psychic medium. She channeled my spirit guides, who told me I had planned my greatest challenges for the purpose of spiritual growth before I was born. Shortly thereafter I met a woman who is able to channel her own soul. In some fifteen hours of channeling, her soul told me in detail how the pre-birth planning process works. The resonance I felt with the concept of pre-birth
planning was clear, strong, and undeniable.

At about the same time, I had what is known as a spiritually transformative experience. One day, as I was doing nothing more than walking down the street, I felt pure, overwhelming, unconditional love for every person I saw. This love was fundamentally different from the love one might feel for a parent, child, or romantic partner; it was a divine, transcendent, all-encompassing, totally immersive, limitless love. I understood intuitively that this experience was a gift from my soul saying to me, “This love is who you really are.”

I decided to leave the corporate world and write books about why we plan our biggest challenges before coming into body. In the years that followed, I wrote Your Soul’s Plan, Your Soul’s Gift, and the book you are now reading. The life that has emerged from the writing of these books is so deeply fulfilling and uniquely “me” that it would have been beyond my wildest imagination or ability to comprehend when I was forty. Equally important, the research I did for the books taught me that human suffering is not random, arbitrary, or purposeless; rather, it is rich with meaning. That understanding created a deep healing for me. My hope and intention are that it creates a similar healing for you.

It is important to understand there is not just one truncated, linear, concretized life plan—a Plan A so to speak—for each person’s life. There is a Plan A, but there is also a Plan B, C, D, E, and on and on . . . so many plans that full comprehension is beyond the capacity of the human brain. These additional plans are the soul’s accounting for the many and various free will choices that can be made by the incarnate human. Each of us has free will, and it is our free will that makes the Earth school a truly meaningful experience. Without free will we would be nothing more than automatons, in which case no true learning would occur or even be possible.

Plan A is the highest vibrational plan; that is, a life in which the personality (a portion of the soul’s energy in a physical body) makes the most loving decisions possible in each moment. In this case there is no vibrational difference between the personality and the soul. In essence, the soul is fully inhabiting the body and living that lifetime without the dilution or alteration created by the ego or smaller self. Saints and masters may execute this
plan, but the rest of us will invariably make at least some and usually many unloving decisions. Although unloving decisions can cause pain for self and others, they also result—if we live life consciously—in healing, expansion, and a greatly enhanced capacity to love. It is for this reason that making mistakes is not a “bad” thing. In fact, we came here to do just that. Our mistakes are our growth, and our growth is our service to the world and our fellow humans.

Presence and acceptance/gratitude is the divine combination that allows us to enact our higher vibrational pre-birth
plans. When you are fully present to and grateful for or at least accepting of whatever arises in your experience, you tap into the Universe’s field of infinite potentiality. That is, your presence and acceptance/gratitude give the Universe an energetic Yes!: a yes to healing; a yes to deeper understanding; a yes to guidance, abundance, health, spiritual clarity, and creative solutions for the highest good of all.

Giving that energetic Yes! to life requires faith and trust in the goodness of life and the Universe. We can cultivate faith and trust in several ways; one of the most important and helpful is through a felt knowing that the challenges we planned before birth are rich with meaning and purpose. Ultimately, this book is intended to be a pathway to that felt knowing.

Those of you who receive my email newsletter (which I invite you to sign up for at know I have been publishing channelings done by my wife, Liesel. She channels a collective of wise, loving, deeply caring, nonphysical beings who are in a state of unity consciousness and whom we affectionately call the Beings of Light. They said the following to me about pre-birth plans:

We are enamored of bringing together the practice of present moment awareness with your work. When viewed from a mental level, these things can seem contradictory; however, they are not necessarily so. The way in which presence (which is being present in the now moment and in a state of acceptance of, or gratitude for, what ‘is’ in the now moment) plays out in pre-birth planning is that it allows the highest version of the pre-birth plans to become the working version.

We have described previously that to put our language into the English language is like trying to take an infinite number of words and distill it into some hundred words. Similarly, prebirth planning contains within it an essentially infinite number of permutations of actual plans. This can seem contradictory to the human mind—as though this is not planning at all if there are an infinite number of possibilities—but We assure you that this is still a kind of planning.

The plans themselves all fall under what We refer to as a probabilistic, multidimensional curve form. For purposes of
visualization, a simplified version of what We mean by a multidimensional curve form is that which is shown to you within mathematics and statistics as a bell curve.

There are pre-birth plans that are very likely courses of events, and there are pre-birth plans that are on the far fringes of the bell curve. For many individuals, presence and truly deep connection with their souls may be on the far fringes of the bell curve of possibility; however, this would indeed be the highest alignment pre-birth plan that could be chosen in any given moment.

So, within the bell curve of possibilities there are pre-birth plan choices that could be made that make the Universe ‘sing’ more than other choices. All choices ultimately lead to learning and enlightenment, but some paths are far less circuitous than others.

The paths that are chosen that are in greatest alignment with the deepest Self, with Presence and Spirit and Consciousness, are those paths that are most direct and therefore least circuitous.”

In other words, the vast majority of what is planned is set up as a possibility or probability, not a certainty. Life plans are fluid, fractal, and organic. Whether or not a particular plan actualizes depends upon the free-will decisions of the individual, the vibration of the individual in the current now moment, and the external events/free will decisions made by seemingly separate “others.” To the extent one is fully present, the highest vibrational plan naturally emerges and can be actualized on the Earth plane. This version of the life plan is the least arduous and painful path to both self-realization and profound service as well as deep joy and fulfillment.

This book is the third in a series that examines the pre-birth planning of major life challenges. In the pages ahead we will look at the soul-level planning of challenges that occur in, and also in the absence of, romantic relationships. As with my previous two books, healing insight and enlightening information are gleaned from talking with wise, compassionate, nonphysical beings through mediums and channels. Barbara Brodksy channels Aaron (an ascended master) as well as The Divine Mother, a blending of the highest feminine consciousnesses (Mother Mary, Quan Yin, and others) in our universe. Corbie Mitleid channels a person’s soul or higher self. Staci Wells channels her spirit guide. Pamela Kribbe channels Jesus, who uses his given Hebrew name, Jeshua.

Much additional wisdom is derived from past life regression and from Between Lives Soul Regression or BLSR, the form of hypnosis in which I specialize. In this form one can speak directly with very highly evolved nonphysical beings (often referred to as the Council of Elders) who know what was planned for the current lifetime and why, how one is doing in terms of fulfilling one’s plans, and how one may better fulfill one’s plans. A BLSR contains an abbreviated past life regression. May you see yourself and your life reflected in the pages ahead. May the wisdom and healing found by these courageous souls become your wisdom and healing.

Chapter 1 Excerpt Tricia’s Between Lives Soul Regression

Tricia’s Past Life Soul Regression had given us some insight into the plan for her current lifetime. To gain greater insight, Tricia and I did a Between Lives Soul Regression (BLSR). A BLSR contains an abbreviated past life regression, but that portion of Tricia’s BLSR is not relevant to the topic of infidelity and so has been omitted here.

After I guided Tricia through the initial parts of the regression, she described what she experienced as her consciousness returned to her nonphysical Home.

“I see an opening ahead of me,” she began. “It’s light blue. I move through it and am in an open space. There are three beings at a table. They’re dressed in something that looks like translucent gowns. There’s a light coming from their bodies. They have hoods over their heads.

“One of them is getting up. It’s a man. He is walking toward me. He’s very beautiful: sleek, soft skin, large blue eyes. He’s human but doesn’t look quite human. He walks over to me. He’s holding my hand, looking at me.”

“How does it feel to be in his presence?”
“Pure, pure love.” She sounded blissful.
“Ask him if he has a name we should use.”
“Tricia, I’d like you to ask Milton if he has any particular message for you.”
“All I feel is love. I don’t hear words. I just get feelings.”
“I’d like you to ask Milton if we may question him and the other beings there.”

“He says yes. He’s walking me to the table with the others. The others are rising. There are white chairs around the table. The table is also white. I can see the other two beings now. They look very much like him, only one is female. The other is male. They’re telling me their names. The female is Entera, and the other is Jonah. Jonah is walking away. I don’t know why. Milton is offering me a chair. Entera is on the other side. We’re sitting now.”

I prompted Tricia to ask if Milton and Entera are her Council of Elders.

“Milton says they’re only part of the Council. There are nine others. They are present, but I don’t see them. Now Milton is putting his hands on the table. Entera puts her hands on his, and my hands are on top of theirs. Milton explains that this bonds us for conversation and makes conversation clearer so can understand.”

“Tricia, ask Milton, Entera, and the rest of your Council why you came to Earth in your current lifetime. What did you hope to accomplish?”

“Milton says that I very much wanted to address abandonment, and that it was agreed—Oh! Bob is here! Bob is here! Bob is here!” she announced excitedly. “Bob is walking up to me with Jonah.” She began to cry softly. “Bob is dressed just like they are. He puts his hands on mine, and I smile. He sits at a chair on the opposite side. He’s so full of love. There are other beings walking with Jonah to the table. I feel overcome.”

I then prompted Tricia to question Bob and the Council. She relayed to me the responses she heard.

Bob: We planned this life together. I told you it would be very hard for you, but I wanted to do that
[play that role] for you.

Tricia: Why are you here with these others?

Bob: I am with them because you’re here. They help me to explain. They help you understand.

Tricia: What was my pre-birth plan with you?

Bob: I had things I wanted to address in this lifetime, a weakness I wanted to overcome. You wanted to help me with that. My weakness is being a pleaser. I wanted to know how to be who I really am and not be fearful. Being a pleaser is based on fear. We agreed that my choice [the affair] would help your abandonment issue, which is also an issue of fear.

Tricia: How was I helping you to overcome the fear that made you a pleaser?

Bob: Previously I chose lives of being dominated by others, mostly women. Also, I had a lifetime as a woman who was dominated by her world. My soul had a scar from that. In our plan you would not dominate me. You would be loving and allowing. This would allow me to see who I truly am.

Tricia: Do you feel that was accomplished?

Bob: Yes. Yes, I do. I’m very grateful to you.

Tricia: Did you, Claire, and I plan the affair to give me an opportunity to learn about and rise above abandonment?

Bob: Yes. Claire is deeply loving and is a part of the agreement out of that love. In the planning, you insisted you would be able to forgive. You, the Council, and I hoped there would be an immediate bonding and healing that would occur much earlier than it did. I hoped I would be immediately forthcoming [about the affair] and that we would heal at that moment. It didn’t happen. I was too weak, and so it went on and on.

Entera: There was a soul intervention. It was time for Bob to come home. The illness was used to bring Bob to an awareness he could not otherwise attain.

Bob: That’s why I passed from my life. The illness allowed me finally to overcome the weakness and fear.

Tricia: How does the Council feel I’ve done in terms of learning about and forgiving abandonment and betrayal? Is there more for me to do?

“Milton is reassuring me,” Tricia told me. “I’m feeling a wave of love from all of them.”

Milton: There’s such love for you. There’s no judgment. Everything you have done and will do is divinel orchestrated, accepted, and never wrong.

Tricia: How can I release any guilt I still feel about the way I reacted, any anger I still feel toward myself [for reacting that way], and any jealousy I still feel toward Claire?

Entera: The personality is necessary as a catalyst for [soul] growth. Realizing this will help you to release guilt and jealousy, which are both fearbased.

“Now she’s showing me the rest of the Council to impress upon me the gift of being here.”

Entera: You are more than the personality in a life, but the personality is to be respected, admired, and encouraged because that’s why you come into a life: to be a human and have emotions, to feel feelings. This allows you to grow and is a gift to your soul. That’s the purpose of your lives. It should be celebrated, not feared or condemned.

“I feel such love and acceptance from them all. They’re telling me that I’m doing a wonderful job and that I can’t do any wrong. No choices would be wrong, and I didn’t harm Bob; I helped him. That’s so meaningful to me.”

Tricia: How do you feel about everything that happened? How do you feel about me now?

“He just squeezed my hand. It’s like he’s joking with me, saying without speaking something like, ‘If you don’t know by now how much I love you . . .’”

Bob: You must look at the plan as mission accomplished. “He’s laughing. They’re all smiling. It’s beautiful, so beautiful.”

Tricia: Will we incarnate together again? Will you wait for me so we can do that?

Bob: Yes on both counts.

Tricia: What else would you like me to understand?

Milton: The courage you and Bob had to plan and create this life together, a life with such pain and such
joy. Pain is personal, productive, and subjective in a lifetime.

Tricia: What is Claire’s relationship to me? Is she in my soul group? Have I had other lives with her?

A soul group is a collection of souls who are at approximately the same vibration and evolutionary stage. The members of a soul group take turns playing every conceivable role for one another
across many lifetimes.

Milton: Yes, she is in your soul group. She was in a lifetime with Bob as his twin sister. You were not
in that lifetime, but you have had lifetimes with her. She was your father in a lifetime.

Tricia: Why didn’t I have a full lifetime with Bob? Why did we meet as we did? Why have I felt so much
more love for him than anyone else in my life almost like a worship?

Entera: The meeting was set so that Bob could have much of this life facing his weakness and have other significant moments before you met. The meeting was planned to be when it was. It would not have worked the same if you met earlier.

The love comes from a soul connection of many lives together. You will have lives together that occur simultaneously. The love will always be there. Nothing will ever harm it.

I understood Entera’s reference to simultaneous lives to mean that Tricia and Bob will have parallel selves together in parallel dimensions. The reference to simultaneity also served for me as a confirmation that Tricia was truly talking with her Council because simultaneity and non-linearity describe the true nature of the cosmos. Linear time, by contrast, is an illusion of the third dimension, an illusion created by the limitations of the five senses and the human brain.

Tricia: I miss you, Bob.

Bob: I’m with you. I’m always with you. You can hear me. I haven’t left you. I will always be with you.
I will remind you [that I’m there].

Tricia: Bob, thank you. You gave me a life I couldn’t even have imagined. Thank you for all your love, your devotion, and your sweet nature. Thank you so very, very much for everything.

I want you to know that I have never stopped loving you. There has never been a moment I haven’t loved you. Even when I was saying things I knew were hurting you, I loved you, and I tried to stop.

Bob: I know.

“He’s so filled with love!” Tricia exclaimed again. “There are so many smiles now, so much reassurance. I think there’s nothing I can say that he doesn’t already know. I’m so anxious to hold him again.”

Bob: I remember it all. I remember how we would hold each other and say we were in heaven. I live in your heart.

“I feel so much love and acceptance. Now Bob is getting up.”

Bob: I will be leaving, but I’ve never really left.

“He’s squeezing my hand and walking away.”

Milton: Your pre-birth plan has been fulfilled.

Entera: But, your life has more to give, and you have more to give. Within your plan there was a hope that you would surpass doubt and get to a place of belief in yourself. That’s [the purpose of] the continuation of your existence as Tricia. Now, just believe it.

Tricia: What is the “more” I’m to give?

Entera: To express what you’ve learned through compassion and listening, to express your knowing without fear.

Tricia: How do I move from doubt to belief in myself?

Milton: When you write, you edit yourself.

“He’s showing me a visual of when I write. I change it and change it.”

Milton: Stop editing yourself [in life]. Believe what you’re saying.

Tricia: Should I take action in some way or just allow life to come?

Entera: Life runs most smoothly in a flow. Allow life to come to you. There’s not-doing as living.

Tricia: My body is aging. Is there something I should do to extend my life or make my body

Entera: The body follows consciousness. The body follows joy or fear. Follow joy, and the body will follow.

Tricia: Where did my eating disorder come from? What is the best way to cope with it?

Milton: It comes from feeling starved for attention, starved for meaning, and fearful of not being

Entera: Food is a joy, but it cannot fulfill the soul.

“She’s showing me music, meditation, and acceptance of myself without fear.”

Tricia: Why do I only see three of you when I know that there are nine more?

Milton and Entera: We are your guides for this journey. There is no need for you to visualize the others. They’re here, and you can feel them and their love.

I asked Tricia if she now felt complete in talking with the Council.

“Other than expressing my gratitude for their help and overwhelming love and acceptance of me, yes. I wish I had the words, but I know they can feel my deep appreciation for bringing Bob to me. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to see him looking so radiant and feeling his nearness again. Thank you. Thank you.”

I was moved by the impassioned way in which Tricia spoke. I guided her focus back into her physical body, bringing her back gradually and gently.

“Oh, wow!” she said suddenly as she opened her eyes. “I didn’t even know I had tears—now they’re running down my cheeks.”

“Tricia, what parts about the experience stood out to you?”
“Bob,” she said without hesitation, “I’m amazed. I didn’t think I would see him there, and I didn’t expect him to look or feel the way he did. It was the best part of him that I’ve always felt and known, but when you’re living life, you feel a lot of other parts, too. It’s astounding! And the feel of his hands on mine—my hands were tingling all the way through. It was like an electrical pulse. And the faces of those wonderful beings—almost alien, beautiful, ethereal.

“Also, it was very good for me to realize—and I don’t want to forget—that Claire is beloved by the whole soul group, and to not look at her as this invader into a life that was good until she came along, but more as a catalyst, a friend.

“This experience has lifted me. I’m just sitting here in this big puddle of gratitude. And that’s from my heart.”

The power of waves

23 Apr

As channeled from the Beings of Light Through Liesel.

This is a time of great possibility within your realm.  There is, indeed, a great movement toward ascension occurring. This movement toward ascension serves to magnify any personal evolvement that an individual chooses to undergo at this time.  Think of this as the amplification of a wave.  To illustrate the concept of the amplification of waveforms, think of an individual walking along a bridge. As they walk along the bridge they will inevitably create, if only subtle, a wave phenomenon that your scientists have termed ‘simple harmonic motion’ within the physical structure of that bridge. It may be almost imperceptible to the naked human eye, however, there are certainly scientific instruments which could measure it.  However, if instead, there is an entire army marching in unison on a bridge, everyone can observe this wave phenomenon occurring within the bridge.  In fact, armies are specifically instructed not march in lockstep because of the potential of creating such an intense amplification of the simple harmonic motion wave pattern that it would ultimately result in the structural collapse of the bridge.  So, let us now apply this concept of the additive power of waves, something your scientists have termed as ‘constructive interference,’ to what is currently occurring in your realm.  So, any spiritual evolution that you are undergoing personally has the opportunity to be greatly amplified because it is in harmony and resonance with the overall ascension of humanity.  In other words, there is a very high degree of ‘constructive interference’ between personal evolution and the overall ascension of humanity.  In this way, all of you that are in body, have a tremendous opportunity, and a rather rare opportunity.  In fact, your being incarnate at this time means that you have won a kind of ‘lottery,’ as there are many beings and souls that would wish to be incarnate now, and yet, your planet cannot sustain all of them in physical form.  Therefore, it is our hope, and prayer, and blessing toward each and every one of you that you mine the internal depths that you have access to for their spiritual gold, and that you not squander this incarnate opportunity.  That which you accomplish within yourself will reverberate out into the world many millionfold through this process of amplification.

“Always know Our love is truly with you, because Our love truly is you.”

Disclaimer: This information is not meant as medical advice, nor is it meant to diagnose or treat any disease or mental health disorder.

Moving Beyond Shame and Guilt

2 Apr

As channeled from the Beings of Light Through Liesel.

Learning from your past mistakes is good and appropriate; however, when you dwell excessively on past mistakes it begins to create toxic shame and guilt. The weight of these heavy emotions then keeps you from acting from a place of love, joy, and light in the present moment and blocks the flow of Spirit within and through you.  These heavy energies born from a lack of self-forgiveness can be very debilitating.  The ‘stuckness’ that often results is very easily used by the ego to create an even greater sense of shame and guilt through its mental narratives.  Thus, the heavy energy can easily reseed itself.  For more on the relationship between ego-based thoughts and heavy emotions, please read Our ‘Weeds and Seeds’ channeling.  

If you are feeling a sense of shame about yourself, try the following experiment.  Imagine that you are a completely new, beautiful, loving spirit, soul, or even an advanced, benevolent, alien consciousness that is suddenly beamed down into your body.  This new consciousness that you are has full access to all of the memories that you have ever experienced in your lifetime, but is not the ‘you’ that lived through and created those experiences.  Then, ask yourself as this new, fresh, and beneficent consciousness, ‘What shall I do in this very moment?  How can I move forward in this vessel, this body, that I find myself inhabiting?  What would be the most loving response to the information that I have access to in the form of memories, and how can I best take loving action in the external world if Love is calling for action?’  This experiment is really just a technique to help you access the present moment.  It gives the mind just enough storyline that it helps keep it from blocking the experience of Presence flowing through you.  The idea is not to create a new starting point in the timeline of your life.  The idea is to create the new starting point in every single ‘now’ moment.  Then, you never build a large accumulation of psychological past.  So, this is essentially a mindfulness practice.  It is the practice of being new to your body at every moment.  You can still take the information of what occurred in the past and synthesize it to create right action in the present; however, this past, as well as the contraction of identifying as your past self, no longer immobilizes you in a straight jacket of shame and guilt.

Approaching life from this perspective does not mean you no longer take responsibility for your past actions.  Actually, the newly energized soul in you can more easily see what the loving course of action is going forward.  The new ‘you’ can say ‘I’m sorry’ to the person that was hurt without it feeling like a complete annihilation of self. You can still use the language that will be most meaningful for the other person and say things from the perspective of ‘I am sorry.’  To go into an explanation of ‘I am not the same person that hurt you.  I am this new consciousness inhabiting this body’ will probably not be effective or even understandable to the other person depending on their level of consciousness, and may feel like an invalidation of the apology.  Coming from this perspective of a new consciousness inhabiting your body allows an opening for compassion for both anyone you have injured in the past as well as for yourself.  Realize that from the point of view of the external world you are still responsible for all of your past actions, and will have to face the consequences of those past actions.  However, this new perspective allows more spaciousness in you and allows for a higher level of consciousness than the ego-based consciousness that committed those actions.

This way of approaching things is not a lie or a denial of the truth.  It is actually the deepest truth, because if you intentionally hurt someone else or yourself in the past, then it is impossible that you were operating from your highest level of consciousness.  By allowing yourself to access a higher level of consciousness now, you also allow for the greatest possibility of healing for the other person and yourself.  The pain cannot be healed or truly addressed by the ego-based consciousness that created it because this ego-based consciousness is only interested in it’s self preservation.  Yet, you and everyone on this planet has far more within than just this ego-based consciousness.  Your body is a portal to the Infinite.  You need only allow the internal Space for this deeper level of consciousness that all beings are intertwined with to come through you to be felt and expressed within this world.

“Always know Our love is truly with you, because Our love truly is you.”

Disclaimer: This information is not meant as medical advice, nor is it meant to diagnose or treat any disease or mental health disorder.