Mold Toxicity

29 Apr

I’m going to deviate from the topic of pre-birth planning – or am I? – to share a personal matter with you. For more than six years I’ve been dealing with a serious physical illness: mold toxicity. I would like to share my experience with you in the hope that it may be helpful to those of you who face mysterious, undiagnosed physical symptoms as I once did.

The onset was insidious, beginning with shorter, lighter, less restful sleep. I already knew that I had sleep apnea, so I purchased a CPAP machine . . . which did nothing to help me sleep better. Over time my sleep became worse and worse. Often I would wake up at 3 am and not be able to fall back asleep. When this happened several days in a row, as it frequently did, the fatigue was overwhelming.

Then neurologic symptoms developed. At first, it was a tingling sensation in my lower arms and legs and on occasion a feeling that my toes were on fire. Over a period of a few years, the tingling moved from my lower to my upper extremities. Then I noticed that I became short of breath much more easily.

Matters came to a head on a trip to New Zealand. After carrying two heavy suitcases up three flight of stairs, I was suddenly barely able to move or think. I sat immobile in a chair for hours, knowing that I had no energy for movement of any kind. Worse, my thought process slowed dramatically; I could scarcely plan what to do next. I later learned that this is what’s known as post-exertional malaise, a symptom of mold toxicity.

In the home in which my wife and I live, my office is on the lower level. There’s only one flight of stairs between levels. Things were so bad at one point that my wife and I had to plan when I was going to leave my office for the day . . . because I could only go back up the stairs once in a day!

It took over five years for the symptoms to progress in this manner. During that time period, I went from doctor to doctor, none of who were able to help me.
Initially, the most likely diagnoses were pre-diabetes or diabetes. I was worked up for those, and they were ruled out.

The next several most likely diagnoses were various autoimmune disorders. I was worked up for those, and they were ruled out. The doctor who evaluated me for the autoimmune disorders then dismissed my symptoms as due to “stress.”

The next several diagnoses were various neurologic disorders. I underwent testing – some of which was quite painful – for those, and they were ruled out.

The next most likely diagnosis was Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I had a Skype consult with an expert in CFS, Dr. Courtney Craig, a brilliant and very caring person. At the end of the hour, she said, “Well, you don’t have CFS, but you might want to look into mold toxicity. It presents in a similar way.” I thought, “Mold toxicity? No, it can’t be!” As it turned out, Dr. Craig was right. She literally saved my life; I doubt if I would have ever gotten to that diagnosis without her. You can reach her through her web site

After the call with Dr. Craig, I found an article online in which the author had surveyed many people with mold toxicity and asked them which doctor had helped the most. The ten physicians most often mentioned in the survey were profiled in this article. I showed the article to my wife, who got a strong intuitive hit regarding one of the physicians, Dr. Neil Nathan.

Dr. Nathan had me tested for mold toxicity. (The gold standard is a urine test from Real Times Labs.) I was strongly positive for all four types of mycotoxins (mold toxins) measured by the test. Within just a couple of weeks of starting treatment, I was dramatically (about 40%) better. Progress has been much slower since then, but Dr. Nathan and I are hopeful for a full recovery in another 2-3 years.

I view Dr. Nathan as one of the world’s leading experts on mold toxicity. He can be reached at His web site is I suggest you read his book Toxic. (The documentary Moldy is also a good resource.) Dr. Nathan estimates that as many as two million people in the US alone may have undiagnosed mold toxicity. Mold toxicity can cause many symptoms other than the ones I described, so please do your own research.

One last tidbit: drywall is a fertile breeding ground for mold. If you live in or have lived in a home with drywall, this is something to consider.

I hope that my experience may be of value to some of you. And, for those of you who have already successfully treated mold toxicity, I would like to hear any suggestions you care to offer. Please feel free to write to me at

Disclaimer: I am not a physician. Nothing that I have written is intended to be taken as medical advice. Please make all medical decisions in consultation with your doctor.

9 Responses to “Mold Toxicity”

  1. Gloria April 30, 2019 at 3:46 pm #

    Hi Robert, thank you for telling us your mold story! Just a few words about what I have discovered in my part of the country, AR, since the spraying over head (geoengineering) became heavier in my area we started getting more fungus and mold spores everywhere outside. The peach crops have been ruined more and more, seems the get hit with a brown rot type spore right at a certain time of their growth every year now for about five years. We also have several new kinds of mushroom fungus growing everywhere especially after we have a LOT of rain in which everyone in the central US has had in this last winter and spring. I believe everyone is in danger of getting the same symptoms as you.

    My Mother crossed over with Alzheimers in which I truly think was the result of heavy metal poisoning in which the state won’t test for AND the spores created by her CPAP machine. She had the one with the moisture flow to her sinuses and such and I truly believe a type of mole gathered in the cavities of her face and spread to her brain. She was constantly blowing her nose and had weepy eyes until she got worse with the AZ and could not stand to have the CPAP mask on so she quit using the machine and the mucus all cleared up.

    With the fog that sinks to the ground after being sprayed, makes us feel like we are in a giant terrarium filled with moldy everything, many of the trees here in the state and several on our property are dying from the inside out because of it all.

    This reply is totally my opinion.
    Thanks for reading!

  2. Maureen Clinton April 30, 2019 at 4:04 pm #

    My husband and I have been suffering from the same symptoms listed here. I have had these symptoms plus a terrible unrelenting depression. I suspected “sick house” syndrome but don’t know how to get it tested. I live in CT-could you suggest a valid testing source to get our house tested for mold? Thank you SO much for writing this! Light, Maureen

    • yoursoulsplan April 30, 2019 at 5:44 pm #

      Hi Maureen, I’m really not qualified to address that question. I suggest you read about it online, as some of the testing may not be as valid or useful as other types.

  3. shmootoo May 1, 2019 at 4:21 pm #

    Hi Robert, I loved both your books, learnt so much which opened up new windows through which to view and understand the world.
    Being of a spiritualistic bent, and an evolving soul, many subjects in this area interest me intensely. I recently came upon the channellings of ‘Kryon’ through Lee Carroll (search on YouTube), which I found to be very enlightening, profound and life changing, for the information cleared blocks and opened many doors for me.

    I’m relating this in response to your mold health crisis, wondering whether you might be aware of the tremendous self-healing powers that we possess. ‘Kryon, in brief, tells us that the power of ‘God’, our creator, is within each of us, that all answers ‘lie within’. This in itself was a revelation to me in practical terms since I’d always sought answers outside of myself, from books, courses, counsellors, etc. Now, I ask those same questions of the ‘spirit within’ (God or the Higher Self) and ask for help when I want it, for help cannot be given unless asked for, due to our having ‘free-will’ which cannot, spiritually, be interfered with.

    Also, in having the ‘power of God’ within, we are in control of our bodies and can direct our cells, which always renew themselves, to also rejuvenate back to a state of health, to dispel disease. This directive has to be given with strong intent and preferably spoken out loud so that the emotion is felt and heard by the body. You have probably heard of people’s remissions from eg. cancer, when they took their healing into their own hands (chemotherapy kills more people than the actual cancer).

    Since you have not yet fully recovered from the mold toxicity, I thought that directing your body to heal and eliminate the last traces of toxicity, might be worth trying. Also, it’s a question you could verify with your patients in trance since they would be in touch with this knowledge in that trance state. You could also help patients by directing their bodies to heal since the subconscious mind has this power being in control of all bodily functions.

    The subject of healing brings up another topic of interest concerning Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) developed by Dolores Cannon, if you have not come across it before. Many sessions, conducted by Alba Weinman (using a combination of QHHT and Introspective Hypnosis by Antonio Sangio), and also Suzanne Spooner, are available on YouTube, and the range of possible healings through their methods are astounding.
    As you might have guessed, I find this whole area absolutely fascinating!
    Here’s wishing you wonderful health!

  4. Laurie Bani-Essa July 9, 2019 at 2:16 am #

    Hello Robert ,
    I was given a supernatural message to leave my home in 2017, as I was close to death from toxic mold exposure. Unfortunately, I moved to a very moldy apartment, and had a very brief NDE. I came across your video today. After I looked at your blog about mold exposure, I got goosebumps. I have been wondering why I was born into a moldy home and have suffered 55 years unknowingly. I have been questioning everything about my existence. I haven’t read your books yet, but am planning to. I would love to talk with you soon. Your video was excellent.

  5. Mona-Lisa Innes ( my real birth name--I think my mother knew I was one of a kind) August 20, 2019 at 7:54 am #

    I have a very rare Genetic syndrome, so rare, the specialists believe it to be yet to be discovered. i have primary Immunodeficiency. I have had it all my life (genetic), but was never able to get a diagnosis. Approximately four years ago, at the age of 52 I was finally getting somewhere. Recently it was discovered, exactly where my cells were failing me in the immune process and was told by the best specialists the underlying cause of the immune dysfunction. They tell me they have never seen this in science before and are currently studying my genes to determine if it is a known genetic syndrome or undiscovered. One thing I have learned through all of of this is Mold is only one kind of immune system inhibitor. Once a body has one immune inhibitor it overburdens the immune system on many levels. My problem occurs at the cell level, and I do not have the ability to manage any infections, whether they be bacterial, virus, molds or fungus. People often forget the body can only take so much and becomes very sensitive to any mold which usually is not acknowledged, like dry nuts, fruits, or the skins of fresh fruits and veggies. Things to think about. I am very interested in a session with you Robert. I wonder how can i be the only one in the world with this problem. No cures or treatments for me. With much previous past life regressions, I never was ever given any information about my health, although I sought out answers since I was a baby. I suffer greatly as I am essentially the bubble girl (no such thing for females, only males)..Really wondering why as I developed my spiritual abilities and went to great lengths to understand my health issues, the closest experience I have had, is that once, in front of Elders, i was told it was set in stone, without explanation. I saw the mark, the imprint of my souls expression. I am wondering if a session would really give me some comfort and understanding why I would pick this life that was full of illness and suffering and alone-ness. It’s absolutely devastating to me in all aspects of my life. My blood disorder, how they refer to it is so rare and complicated the doctors even have a hard time understanding how the process in my blood can be as it is. I’m a conundrum. How can I have a point? Do you feel you can help?

    • yoursoulsplan August 20, 2019 at 4:01 pm #

      Mona-Lisa, thank you for what you shared about yourself. A Between Lives Soul Regression could give you the opportunity to ask the Council of Elders if you planned this experience, why, and how best to respond to it now. To read about this type of session, please go to this page of my web site: Blessings, Rob

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