Suicide and Pre-birth Planning

5 Mar

In the Suicide chapter in my second book Your Soul’s Gift, I share the story of Carolyn, whose only child Cameron suicided shortly after he graduated from high school. Carolyn and I had a channeling session in which we spoke with Jeshua (Jesus). Jeshua began by telling us that suicide is never planned prior to birth as a certainty, but it is planned as a possibility or sometimes as a high probability, as was the case with Cameron. In other words, Cameron knew that he was taking on so much in this lifetime that a suicide was likely. He was willing to take that risk, and his loved ones agreed before birth to accept that risk as well.

One of the difficulties Cameron had while he in body was that chronic depression blocked his capacity to feel his love for his family. Jeshua tells us:

“While physically alive he could not feel his love for them anymore. When dead he realized the full extent of his love, and from the soul’s perspective this was a great breakthrough. The suicide forced change upon Cameron, and in his case it worked out well. It was a turning point for his soul.”

This is a radical yet powerfully healing perspective. Our society views suicide as perhaps the ultimate failure, and yet Jeshua tells us that from the soul’s perspective it can be a blessing. As souls our highest intention is to give and receive love. While in body Cameron was unable to feel, and therefore unable to express, the great love he held in his heart for his family. Now, in the nonphysical realm, he feels that love intensely, and for his soul that feeling is a triumph.

In addition to viewing suicide as a failure, we also tend to see it as a sin. Yet in the conversation with Carolyn, Jeshua tells us:

“From a spiritual perspective, there are no acts that are absolutely wrong or sinful. The deepest act of self-betrayal can lead someone into a state of inner clarity that may help forever. The darkest point may become the starting point for a new direction toward light. You see, spiritual evolution does not proceed in a linear fashion. It uses the polarities of light and dark to create dynamics and change.

In saying this I wish to take away the traditional judgment about suicide, that it is the gravest sin. God or Spirit does not feel that way. God has the greatest compassion for people who take their lives in despair. There is always help available for them on the other side. They are never abandoned.”

In the channeling session, we also spoke directly with Cameron, who confirmed that indeed he was not abandoned. Upon returning to spirit, he was greeted by loving guides, who nurtured and supported him through a process of emotional healing and through some very difficult conversations with Carolyn which occurred in her sleep state. Importantly, and contrary to what some religions teach, Cameron told us that he was never punished in any way for having taken his life. He did not go to some sort of “Hell,” nor did he wander endlessly in a limbo state. Instead, he briefly experienced some confusion and disorientation when he first crossed over (as he had been confused and disoriented when he suicided), but he quickly saw his guides, who escorted him “Home.”

And what of Carolyn’s healing? Since Carolyn has no memory of her pre-birth plan – just as most of us don’t – she quite naturally felt that she had failed Cameron. She was filled with guilt and self-blame, wondering what she could have done to prevent her son’s suicide. In response to those feelings, Jeshua shares with us one of the most important, startling, and powerful pieces of information I’ve come across in my research. He tells us, “Every suicide preventable by outside forces was indeed prevented.” What he means is that if the suicidal person has the slightest openness to changing their mind, the Universe knows, and the Universe stages an intervention. It could be something as simple as a bird flying by and distracting the person, or something as dramatic as an angel assuming human form and physically interceding. If you have lost a loved one to suicide, know this: There was literally nothing you could have done to save them.

You are not to blame.

You are not at fault.

You did not fail them.

Therein rests your healing. Therein lies your peace.

24 Responses to “Suicide and Pre-birth Planning”

  1. Lisa Roth at 5:52 pm #

    This is so beautiful and compassionate. Your books have truly been life changing for me. Even though my son didn’t commit suicide, he was on a path of destruction with drugs, alcohol, and homelessness. Your books and words helped me understand his life and continue to feel all the love I have for him and that he has for me; also to have peace

  2. shmootoo at 2:17 am #

    Thank you for this wonderful and thought-provoking piece. Having this perspective from both sides gives an understanding and acceptance that there is a purpose behind everything. If we could see the BIG picture we would know, but given our physicality and the limitations that entails, it is not possible, so it is something that we must just accept, that all is as it was meant to be, and be at peace with that.
    It is very comforting to have this perspective and to have compassion for others, who like most of us, struggle along life’s path. From the ground, the path ahead seems filled with hurdles, barriers and mountains, with no discernible end in sight, yet from the air, the path ahead is well defined and all that’s needed is faith and determination. If only we came with a road map and instructions – instead we grope around blindly in a confusing maze until we see the light. Is this what ‘they’ mean by ‘It’s about the journey, not the destination’?

  3. Clea at 10:53 am #

    Wow. Thank you. I for one have always been of the opinion that as we are ultimately born of our own ‘choice’, we should therefor also be allowed the same act of personal choice, as such, to leave our life, when we choose, of our own accord too, so have never personally held the act of taking one’s own life as anything other than that, no matter how much of a gift that life may Be. Also the understanding that to do so is not an act ever undertaken ‘lightly’…in fact quite the opposite, because in order to do so one must be under an inconceivable amount of despair. I know that I have had at least one prior life in which as a result of such grief & trauma that I have chosen to end it by my own hands, so this not only helps reaffirm my previously held belief but also frees me from any doubts I may have had since & also helps me heal & better understand the number of friends & acquaintances who have seen out this current life in the same circumstances. Thanks again. Thank you, Robert. Thank you, Jeshua. Thank God🙏

  4. Ade at 2:23 pm #

    Thank you. My mother, my uncle and a cousin suicided. Now I can let go of any “If onlys”.

  5. Lisa Klare at 6:26 pm #

    Thank you for this reminder. In the last several weeks I have known 3 young men who died of suicide and another who attempted it but failed. I was blessed to have read your books prior to the death (by overdose) of my son 5 years ago, and have held the concept of our souls’ agreements close to my heart. Thank you for your work. I’m sure it has saved others, as it has me, from undue torment after loss.

  6. Marie Guinan at 6:56 pm #

    Thank you Robert, I have read your souls plan and your souls gift which were amazing and very helpful as my son had passed via suicide and I was really struggling to say the least. We continue to feel his loss daily our lives have changed so much and its wearing. Thank you for this email I feel great comfort as though my son is speaking to me through your words. Thank you for taking the time to contact me as it’s been a while and it was such a kind gift. Bless you.

    Love Marie

  7. Clea Free-Land at 1:47 am #

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  8. Clea Freeland at 1:58 am #

    Thought this might be of interest💜🔮

    Also, as P.S to my last reply: I also struggled earlier in life with childhood of all places, at primary school, brought on mostly by issues & bullying I was experiencing,so i know depression & the feeling of not wanting to ‘wake up’ well. Fortunately some therapy & past life regression helped me piece together why & to understand how to transform it into a different & positive outcome this time around. A knowing & clarity I have since integrated & lived life by ever since.

  9. O'D'Zeus at 1:59 am #

    I would love for there to be a new title rather than GOD. The ‘God’ we all keep referring to, and quoting, is the opposite / anti-thesis of the real god / ‘OiniO’ / ‘Creator’ / ‘Source’ that we really think we are talking about. The ‘God’ we refer to, has been hijacked, to represent: fear under the guise of love ; judgement under the guise of implementing love ; separation under the guise of expressing love ; etc. I know that ‘polarity’ is one of the best means of learning as a soul, but this polarity methodology has been hijacked down here at a 3 diminensional human level. And this narcissistic hijack is being used against us, to create pain, suffering, turmoil and even greater separation from the ‘Source’ … and each other.
    Personally I will be so relieved and joyful when my time as a soul on earth is deemed to be finished – unfortunately I have realised I am incapable of suicide. I have also come to realise that potential (naturally occurring) fatal events, have just stopped short of termination (or been rescinded at a soul level – probably by me!?), which implies I still have more to do as a soul on earth.
    I am so so so looking forward to ‘returning home’ and returning to my ‘soul family’ … neither of which are here on earth – they may have been here a time long ago, when earth was ‘terra’, and the ‘God’ we referred to was the true ‘Creator’ / ‘Source’ … but that is long long long gone.
    A ponderable thought for any readers of this … in our lives, right now, on earth, are we actually currently living in the ‘Hell’ referred to by our current earthen ‘god’. And to die (by suicide or any other means) is your blessed release from this ‘Hell’. If that is the case, then maybe every death, can be celebrated, rather than mourned?

  10. allysoally at 7:25 am #

    Thank you Robert, this is extremely helpful. Even though my son did not take his life, it helps to know that there is a big picture.

  11. MARIA at 4:46 pm #

    Beautiful and peaceful input on such a delicate action.

    • Maria at 4:48 pm #

      Even though I am not sure how my son died, either accidental or intentional this story provides peace to the love ones involved.

  12. John at 7:09 am #

    Hi Rob,

    What about Covid19? Did any guide tell you about it?

    Thank you.


    • yoursoulsplan at 3:00 pm #

      Great question, John. I myself have not looked into that, but I’ve seen channeled literature that says the virus is intended to unite humanity.

      • John at 6:13 pm #

        It is clear that it is an opportunity to show an united action but let us see what happens.

        I hope it will not lead us to a disaster.

        This could be a good topic for a post.

  13. Cynthia & Bob at 2:47 pm #

    Reblogged this on Ask The Council and commented:
    For those of you who have been asking The Council questions related to suicide, here’s a reblogged post from author, Robert Schwartz, who’s second book, The Soul’s Gift, talks about this subject in more detail. Cynthia and I thought you would find it interesting.

  14. D at 3:06 pm #

    Thank you so much for this post, Robert.

    I have had people I know suicide and have believed that if a God would send them to Hell because of this then I would not want to know such a Being. If I who am a mere human being with many faults, failures and “sins” can feel love and compassion for my loved ones who suicided then what does that say about a Divine Being who would send them to a hell realm. I find it greatly difficult to believe that The Ultimate Source or God or Divine Spirit would be so cruel.

    I too, like someone here said, am unable to suicide. Totally incapable mainly because of the fears with which I have been indoctrinated, as well as other reasons.

    I long for the day when I can leave this place. While I am grateful for the many blessings I have had and continue to have, this place holds no deep and lasting peace, joy and love for me. I pray every night to be released. Every day I rouse myself to do the best I can while I remain here, and in spite of everything, try to bring joy to others. It is the greatest possible hell to live in such a way and seems quite paradoxical, but it is the life I am living in any case. And, according to an astrological reading, spot on. Oh joy, oh bliss, oh happy day! (Apologies for the sarcastic humor. Laughter is part of my lifeline.).

    Peace and love to all here and reading this.

  15. Niloufar at 5:02 am #

    Thank you Robert. My son committed suicide exactly 2 years ago and life has been unbearable for me ever since. I thought about ending it many many times. Your books helped me tremendously from a going to a complete insanity. I’m grateful to have found you. You saved my life and as a result the life of my family. Thank you for the kind of work that you do.

    • yoursoulsplan at 3:34 pm #

      You are most welcome. I’m touched and honored hy what you wrote.

  16. Sarah at 7:16 pm #

    Love this. Thank you 🙂

  17. Lilly at 5:39 pm #

    Thanks Robert. My only child committed suicide five years ago and my life stopped. I thought many times to finish it. Your books have explained to me that this was our agreement, our plan of the soul, and only with this conviction can I live and hope that I will really find out. I am grateful to have found you, you and your books.

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