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How to Discover Your Life Purpose

11 Jul

I’m often asked, “How can I find out what I planned for this lifetime, whether I’m fulfilling my pre-birth plan, and how I may better fulfill it?” One very powerful way to answer these questions is a Between Lives Soul Regression or BLSR.

A form of hypnosis, the BLSR is the type of session chosen most often by my clients. Sessions typically last 3.5 hours; most clients choose to do the session by phone or Skype (which works just as well as in person). We begin with a series of physical and mental relaxation exercises. I then guide you into a past life, one that had a major impact on the plan for your current lifetime. As Spirit shows you scenes from that lifetime, you discover the karma – the unresolved emotions or incomplete goals – that motivated you to plan certain experiences for your current lifetime. Often, clients recognize people in the past life as souls who are with them in their current lifetime. By seeing the past life relationships with those people, you may gain profound insights into issues in the current relationships.

The induction then guides you to the Council of Elders, the wise, loving, and highly evolved beings who oversee reincarnation on Earth. The Council knows everything about you, including your plan for your current lifetime. Talking with the Council can be a life-changing experience, because the Council can answer any question you ask. In addition, the Council sometimes brings in “deceased” loved ones (including pets)with whom you may then talk directly. Recently, I worked with a woman who had lost two family members to suicide. Both came into her meeting with the Council and were able to reassure her that they are well and thriving on the other side. The session was deeply healing for my client.

The Council will often make suggestions as to how you may better fulfill your pre-birth intentions. These suggestions are always made lovingly and with complete nonjudgment. Clients often comment, “They knew everything about me – and they loved everything about me!”

At the end of your discussion with the Council, I ask the Council to provide you with an energetic healing intended to work on all levels – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

When we come into body, we forget the unconditional love of our nonphysical Home. A BLSR is a powerful way to re-experience that love and learn how to infuse your life path with it.

Your and Donald Trump’s Pre-birth Plans

29 Aug

Warm greetings to all of you from a warm and humid Ohio here in the US.

As some of the readers of this newsletter are outside the US and may not follow American politics, let me begin with a little background.

Americans will elect their next President on November 8th. The nominees from the two major parties are Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. While neither nominee is especially popular, Trump, in particular, seems to have rubbed many people the wrong way. For example, a recent New York Times editorial described him as “a morally untethered and spiritually vacuous man who appears haunted by multiple personality disorders.” Many find him to be egotistical, narcissistic, rude, racist, and misogynistic (to use but a few of the adjectives being applied). Some of you have written to me, asking my thoughts about his pre-birth plan.

Here’s what I think: If Trump rubs you the wrong way, this can be of service to you. Why do I say that?

Prior to this lifetime, each of us planned to bring to the light of conscious awareness those discordant aspects of self still in need of healing. Often, we become aware of these hidden internal aspects through an external trigger. (If we refuse what the external trigger is intended to show us, we will magnetize more such external triggers to ourselves.) Enter Donald Trump. He, like all beings and things in our world, mirrors us back to us. This is, in fact, a fundamental function of life in the third dimension. The world reflects us to ourselves so that discordant aspects of consciousness may come into clear view, at which time we may then choose how to relate to them.

In short, our judgments of Trump (or Clinton or any person, event, thing, or set of circumstances) are cloaked self-judgments.

If there were no darkness within us, one of two things would necessarily be true: either we would not recognize the darkness in Donald Trump, or if we did, we would have absolutely no judgment of it. Almost all humans are a blend of light and darkness. Our judgments of others are projected self-judgments of our own darkness.

What should you do with this perspective?

First, if it seems foreign or difficult to comprehend, I suggest you make no effort to comprehend it. Simply allow the perspective to land within your consciousness, like a seed landing in the soil. Life itself will water the seed and bring about its germination. Efforting is often counterproductive.

Second, if the seed sprouts, if Trump does in some way help you to see yourself more clearly, I invite you to relate to yourself and, in particular, your “faults” with gentleness, kindness, self-compassion, and nonjudgment. This will greatly facilitate your evolution. Moreover, when you give these gifts to yourself, you then have them to give to seeming others. In doing so you bless the world.

Third, when you find yourself feeling resistance to Donald Trump or any person, event, thing, or set of circumstances, you may reduce the resistance and open yourself to expansion and healing by saying, “Welcome, teacher. What have you come to teach me?” When you ask this question, you create a vortex of energy that calls the answers to you. Efforting is not required, only receptivity.

Remember, no matter how different some people may seem, our commonalities are much greater than our differences. Every person is an eternal soul. Every person is Divine. Every person is, quite literally, made of Light. Every person is a cell in the Heart of All That Is, and that Heart beats within and for all. Donald Trump comes here as our teacher to remind us of these truths, truths we knew before we were born. The remembering of those truths leads to a more profound Self-knowing.

Welcome, teacher. What have you come to teach me?